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I recently received a notification indicating that I have used up 85% of my free tier, but I am unsure about what caused this and how to avoid it. Upon investigation, it appears to be connected to a two notebook that I created for a tutorial, even though I haven't been using it. Additionally, there is a data Wrangle instance that seems to be accumulating usage hours, but I cannot locate it.

$0.00 for Studio-Notebook:ml.t3.medium per hour under monthly free tier 211.525 Hrs USD 0.00

$0.00 for Notebk:ml.t3.medium per hour under monthly free tier 30.055 Hrs USD 0.00 $0.00 per Data Wrangler Interactive ml.m5.4xlarge hour under monthly free tier 17.727 Hrs USD 0.00

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  1. Go to Cost Explorer -> Choose Date Range in right pane
  2. Granularity -> Daily
  3. Dimension -> Usage Type
  4. Service -> Don't choose anything

Note: Repeat same by changing option in Dimensions field as Cost Category and Availability zone, Charge Type one by one and see where you see charges. Next, choose EC2 for service and then see the report and next choose Sagemaker for service and see where it's coming from.

This would show you when and what are the resources/which AZ that's happening.

If you want to setup alert, you can consider setting up AWS budgets and configure alarm on those, which would notify you, if you cross the defined usage threshold. Follow the Well Architected Lab instructions here for setting up budget alert based on your usage.

However, if you still don't figure out and think that it's not a legitimate charge, contact AWS Billing Support Team by following instructions at here

Hope you find this helpful.


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answered 7 months ago
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reviewed 7 months ago
  • Were you able to find the resources?

  • thanks for the quick response. I had to wait 24 hours because was my first time in that section. With this and the second answer I think I stoped the instances. In the meantime iaws charged me with 11 US$. I should had take the introductory course before :(

  • Thank you. It helped to find the resources. Something dont doing nothing but spending money.

  • Awesome, I'm glad it helped.


This free tier usage appear to be related to your 2 month free trial of Amazon SageMaker. To turn off this usage, you first need to navigate to the SageMaker console in the region where the usage is. AWS Cost Explorer can be useful for identifying this.

  1. Navigate to Cost Explorer
  2. Filter by Service: SageMaker
  3. Group by Region to see which region the notebooks are running in. ProTip: filter by region and group by usage type to further drill down and confirm the resources have been removed after a few days.
  4. Navigate to SageMaker console.
  5. Switch region as noted in step 3.
  6. Remove the unwanted resources.

Hope this helps! ~Owen

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answered 7 months ago
  • Thanks¡ Helped a lot.


Question: Was this email recent or from many months ago?

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answered 7 months ago
  • I received it yesterday.

  • It looks like the "Studio-Notebook ml.t3.medium" was running all the time (25.981 hrs of charge between the email and now) and the "Data Wrangler Interactive ml.m5.4xlarge" is running intermitently (10.727 hrs charged after the email). But could be that I had more free hours for data wrangler.

    It's unclear for me if I was successful, as the notebook servers have been shut down and there isn't a way to confirm if anything is currently running until the charges are deployed.

    USD 11.19 Amazon SageMaker RunInstance $0.00 for Notebk:ml.t3.medium per hour under monthly free tier 22.074 Hrs USD 0.00 $0.00 per Data Wrangler Interactive ml.m5.4xlarge hour under monthly free tier 25 Hrs USD 0.00 $0.05 per Studio-Notebook ml.t3.medium hour in US East (N. Virginia) 25.981 Hrs USD 1.30 $0.922 per Data Wrangler Interactive ml.m5.4xlarge hour in US East (N. Virginia) 10.727 Hrs USD 9.89

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