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Can't Connect to New RDS MySQL Instance


I need to create a new RDS MySQL database by August as my previous EC2 RDS instance is being retired. I last created this core database in early 2013 so admittedly I'm a bit rusty. I've created a new MySQL database in RDS and have tried all sorts of things in changing the security group to ensure I can get passed the Firewall (here's the tutorial I've been following I've been trying to create a new connection on MySQL Workbench. The hostname, port, user, and password are all correct so I imagine this is an issue related to the security group. When I run the command line client in MySQL Workbench I get the message, "ERROR 2003: (HY000): Can't connect to MySQL server on 'endpoint' (10060).

Any idea how to troubleshoot this? Again, I've edited the inbound rules on the security for both a universal IP and my computer's IP. If it matters I set it to public but I can't ping the endpoint when I copy that in my browser as a URL. Thanks in advance!

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Dear Customer - Hope you are doing well. Thanks for reaching out to us via AWS re:Post.

Well, troubleshooting connectivity issues is a bit tough over this forum as it may require deep dive on the internals (security group, NACL, vpc details etc.) - Adding to the answer that has been posted already - I wanted to share this link that may help you troubleshoot.

[] Connecting to a DB instance running the MySQL database engine -

In case they do not work, I would recommend reaching out to AWS Premium Support for a deep dive troubleshooting session. Have a great rest of the day!

answered a month ago
  • Thanks. I haven't this YouTube clip yet. I don't think I'm on Premium Support, but hopefully this finally does the trick. I have my work cut out for me for the weekend.


Have you checked your VPC Network ACLs, and Routing?

Also if you're connecting from an office, are you sure the corporate firewall isn't blocking you?

answered a month ago

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