Name Server propagation takes longer than 96 hours


I registered a domain ( on amazon four days ago and point it to an EC2 instance. The DNS works fine at that time.

After that I updated the name server to the blue host name server ( it has been 4 days since then but the name server propagation haven't finished yet.

I changed the name server only and did nothing to the host zone.

I check the name server propagation using the following link:
from the link you can see the name server on some DNS still points to the amazon one.
I've read that the name server propagation normally takes up to 72 hours. I wonder why it takes so long in this case?

Thank you.

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To change the DNS service for a domain, you update the name servers that are associated with the domain registration. Currently, those name servers are still the name servers for your Route 53 hosted zone.

For information about how to change the name servers for your domain, see "Adding or Changing Name Servers and Glue Records for a Domain" in the Route 53 Developer Guide:


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