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Can't Terminate my EC2 Instance


How do I permanently terminate my EC2 instance i-02d2c9f4ce88cf135?

I've tried from the CLI and Web Console but it keeps restarting and running. Short of reporting my CC stolen, how do I permanently kill the thing?

Edited by: Colin A. White on Jun 10, 2020 2:50 PM

asked 2 years ago19 views
1 Answer

Hello Colin,

I have checked your account and I can confirm that you are terminating the Instances correctly. After that action a new instance is actually re-created. It is not restarting.

The reason behind this behavior is an Auto Scaling group which is configured to always check and make sure that 1 EC2 instance is running. Therefore if an instance is terminated, the Auto Scaling group will launch a new one.

If this is not needed please delete the Auto Scaling group. You can follow this link:

Thank you,

answered 2 years ago

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