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I'm setting up GameLift, but I'm having some trouble wrapping my head around matchmaking and having servers that have multiple matches going on at the same time.

I've made a card game where 2 players can play against each other in a room. Each server could hold lets say 200 rooms.

I have an idea in my head on how this could work, but not sure if it would.

Two players enter the matchmaking queue and get paired up. GameLift then finds a server with room for 2 players and sends the client the details. The clients connect to that server and are thrown into a room based on some id or key or something (not sure if GameLift could generate this?).

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GameLift would allow you to:

  • Match make 1v1 game sessions based on provided player attributes. Note: GameLift does not store player data for you, so you would need to track and update ELO rankings in something else assuming ranked matches are important to you.
    • Each player would open a matchmaking ticket with the attributes required for your matchmaking ruleset
  • Find open server processes to host the match and or scale a new server if required.
  • Player's 'see' their tickets fufilled, ticket contains player session details to connect on.

Thinks to note:

  • GameLift currently has a restriction that a server can run only one game session (if running hosted servers in GameLift). You can pack multiple game servers per instance but currently a single server cannot host multiple concurrent game sessions.
  • GameLift hosted servers are much cheaper if you can target Linux and Spot instances (ie tolerate some low interruption percentage)

If your server requirements are lightweight, GameLift Realtime could be a better fit for you or the new AWS GameSparks service (note: there is not a confirmed launch date).

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Thanks for the information!

So it looks like I'd need to update my game server to not host multiple rooms, but instead host a single match of 2 players.

The current server build holds X rooms and each room holds 2 players. The server then iterates over the rooms and updates/handles messages/ect.

So instead of rooms I'd just have 2 players in a single session. But a linux instance could handle multiple sessions.

Does that sound right?

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[quote="JamesM_Aws, post:4, topic:11089"] 50 processes per instance is the limitation at the time of this writing. We have plans to increase this limitation in the future. [/quote]


Please also considering adding support to support multiple rooms/games per process. It's important for certain genres - It may be not possible to spawn N processes for a memory reason, but you can spawn fewer processes and multiple rooms per process (using async / thread internally).

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Yup, your understanding is correct. You can concurrently run up to 50* game server processes on a single instance, and with each process handling 2 players, you could have up to 100 players playing on a single instance, provided that you have optimized you server processes well and/or selected a sufficiently powerful instance type to run 50 processes.

Once you have that set up, all you need to do is to call gamelift::StartMatchmaking for each player, and gamelift will automatically place 2 players in an available process for you in any of your active fleets' instances, and will give you the ip/port for your 2 clients to connect to the server process.

If you choose not to use gamelift's matchmaking service, you can group up players by yourself and call gamelift::StartGameSessionPlacement to place game session on the cheapest/least-latency instance in your fleets.

* 50 processes per instance is the limitation at the time of this writing. We have plans to increase this limitation in the future.

answered 2 years ago

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