cloudformation with ssm key variable



I have the following value stored in the SSM key

key: ecrimage-002
value: myimagename

I am trying to retrieve the value by supplying key and referenceid (which is 002) as a "parameter variable" and I cannot seem to get it working in cloudformation.

code is:

"Type": "AWS::ECS::Cluster",  
"Properties" : {  
   "ClusterName" : "{{resolve:ssm:ecrimage:1}}"  

How to pass $referenceid above so I get the value of ecrimage-002 key ? it does not like ecrimage-$referenceid or ecrimage:1}}-$referenceid"


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0 I answered my own question.. Nothing special here.. fn::sub does the work.

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answered 5 years ago

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