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Does neptune db support APOC library from cypher?


My use case requires using neptune db for hitting cypher queries which gets converted to gremlin queries(automatically) and fetching the data. My question is does neptune db support APOC library given by cypher

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Hello and thanks for the question. The Amazon Neptune openCypher support does not currently support APOC directly. Which APOC functions are you interested in using? Note also, that with Neptune, both Gremlin and openCypher queries can be used on the same data. Is your question about the potential to not have to convert Cypher to Gremlin and to use openCypher directly?

answered 2 months ago
  • I need to use parse() to convert string to date type. I even found a workaround from this query, where I use duration. But that also throws an error saying Date and time functions are not supported in this release. To answer your question, I want to enter my queries in openCypher format, my only concern is that it should get converted to gremlin query and fetch the data.

  • Just by way of clarification, Amazon Neptune supports openCypher natively as a first class query language. The openCypher queries are not first converted to Gremlin.

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