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/AWS Data Transfer Costs with content download from website - S3/

AWS Data Transfer Costs with content download from website - S3


Hello Every one,

I'm starting with AWS by trying to build a personal blog with downloadable content from S3 (PDF and images mostly for now) . I'm concerned at this point by data transfer costs when users download this content. Is my concern legitimate ? is it better to avoid downloadable content in this case if it will incur unpredictable costs ?

Thanks in advance

1 Answers

Thanks for choosing AWS and Amazon S3 for your blog. This recent announcement from late 2021 might be of interest as you consider how to architect your blog: . The free tier out to internet from Amazon S3 and data out from Amazon CloudFront both were greatly increased, which should mean significant savings for you and other customers. If you expect a lot of reads from Amazon S3, then considering S3 Standard or S3 Intelligent-Tiering as your storage class are good options as each has no retrieval fees.

answered 11 days ago
reviewed 2 days ago
  • +1 consider using CloudFront in this case (where your S3 buckets with content will sit behind it), as it basically provides triple-benefits: better performance, security AND cost

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