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AWS Glue - setting data target for RDS mysql


I've started using Glue and I'm having trouble understanding how the data targets work. Using visual method to create a new Job I selected target to be MySQL (that is where I want the data to be saved). In the next tab, Data target properties, I can only select the Database from the Glue's data catalog and not from the target db. Are there any pre-requisites I need to complete before I can save the table in AWS RDS mysql?

1 Answer

AWS Glue studio has the following three options for target properties. It can write to,

  • S3
  • AWS Glue Data Catalog
  • A connector

In this case, you might want to catalog the target database in the Glue data catalog before trying to read it from the data target properties. This means crawling the target database, and storing the metadata in Glue's data catalog, by which way we can map this information to the AWS RDS MySQL target.

answered 5 months ago
reviewed 5 months ago

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