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Quick question I hope someone can help explain. I created an S3 bucket in order to offload media files from Wordpress (approx 2.4Gb). I offloaded the media, connected it to WP. Fine. No problem. Then, 2 days later, checking the billing, we ran up $75 of usage due to 850Gb of bandwidth use on a single day.

The website is relatively small, sees an average of 400 users per day, it's an ecommerce site, which displays 4-6 images per product, but these are all optimised (size and res), and no videos are stored on the server.

How can I find out exactly what happened? Is there a way I can see if a specific IP address scraped the bucket multiple times? It just doesn't make much sense (obviously I'm very new to AWS and S3, so possibly there's a rookie error there somewhere).

Thanks for reading.

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In order to better understand who or what is accessing your bucket you should make use of Monitoring S3 access with Server Access Logging https://docs.aws.amazon.com/AmazonS3/latest/userguide/ServerLogs.html

It will help you to better understand who or what is accessing your S3 bucket and objects and better understand the S3 usage bill.

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Thanks for the recommendation. However, I presume this wouldn't retrospecitively help, in this case. On a fundamental level, I don't understand how AWS can bill me without saying exactly what it's billing me for. It's such a substantial bandwidth figure.

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