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Good afternoon dear friends!

We are very enthusiastic to use Device Farm with our Appium Ruby automation, but, we facing a problem to configure and start the yml configuration.
Could you please show us an example about how to configure the yml and how to adapt the code to run it on DF, for example, what UDID we have to put on capabilities.
We appreciate if had some example project on Appium ruby/cucumber.

Thanks in Advance

PS. we had alot of tests trying to run, the last one was the below.

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Hi there,
Thanks for reaching out. The problem with your test is that, in device farm, you're still using your local device configuration with udid "09340922021e7fda". You should be using the device farm udid, which is stored in an environment variable called "$DEVICEFARM_DEVICE_UDID". You're going to have to rework how your test starts its desired capabilities to use this environment variable. Let us know if you need any help doing this.

For more help on scaling up with Device Farm and using the YAML configuration file, you can also reach out to us over email at


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Thank you for the support!!

answered 3 years ago

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