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I have created a Billing Alarm that keeps reflecting Insufficient Data, even though I have followed all Amazon web services instructions. I am trying to close a SPAM account wrongly created with my stoles email address and credit card data and Technical team keeps confirming I must secure the account before passing my case to billing team and matter is resolved and I can proceed to close the account. Only pending step to secure the account is to create a Billing Alarm which reflects status as OK instead as Insufficient Data. Please confirm how can I fix the Billing Alarm to reflect OK.

Thanks, Angela

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Hi Angela, Have you created the Billing Alerts prior to enabling the Billing Alarm. Please see this link on how to enable billing alerts and billing alarm if you have not already.

Also, curious if you are trying to close the account do you have to create a billing alarm?

answered 2 years ago
  • Hi Som,

    thank you very much, indeed it works and now the billing alarm appears with OK status. I want to close the account which was created with my stolen email address and credit card information but Amazon technical team has confirmed that in order to do so I first need to secure the account which has been challenge for me since I not a technical person but with your kind help I have finalized the final step to secure it.

    So, thank you very much!! Much appreciated! Hopefully charges are now dismissed and now I close it permanently.

    Kind Regards, Angela

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