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Is there a way to view the errors from ingestion or searching? I checked Cloudwatch, but did not see any new log groups. I would like to understand some of the error messages I see primarily when ingesting data into indexes.

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Sorry to inform that there is a limitation here. I did some research on this, and couldn't find any solution for enabling logging in OpenSearch Serverless. Unfortunately, such logging is currently available with managed cluster but not on Serverless.

Available options for monitoring Serverless i.e. metrics and CloudTrail logging is documented here:

If you need assistance in finding the root cause while ingesting data, please reach out to AWS Support for technical assistance on OpenSearch Serverless.

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answered a year ago
  • I tried, support informed me that there were errors, and I needed to up OCUs in order to mitigate them. I find it hard to believe that I need to spend over $70 a day to index 73 documents.

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