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/Fetching the Time of the User Status/

Fetching the Time of the User Status


I am new to Amazon Connect and I want to fetch the total time for which the user was in a particular state.


1 - After logging in, for how many time the user was in "Available" state?

2 - After logging in, for how many time the user was in "Offline" state?

Are there any API Calls to fetch these times?

Please help.

1 Answers

You can get that data from the native historical reporting. There you can run an Agent report and add the metrics required, e.g. Agent idle time, Non-Productive Time, Online time or time spend in any of the custom Status you may have defined. You can find more information about the historical metrics reports in the Administrator Guide.

Currently you cannot get the data directly via an API as the Agent channel is available in the GetMetricData API. If you require an programmatic way to access that data, you could leverage agent event streams to store and later on calculate changes to your agents states.

answered 10 days ago

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