cloud9 environment not visible


I followed the c9 workspace migration steps from but I don't see any environments when I click on "Your Environments" in aws cloud9 menu. I saved the cloud9 environment direct link which looks like and I am able to go to the direct link after I sign into my aws console.

The link doesn't have the environment. I checked under all the different regions and I don't see the environment I had created while migrating fom

I created a new cloud9 environment from AWS console and I can see it in the Your Environments page. But I still don't see my previous environment.

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1 Answer

Today I found my previously created environment in a different region. Had to click on each region and then on the menu bar to go to "Your Environments"

I guess I will either delete it and recreate it in the desired region so that I can see all my environments in one place.

answered 4 years ago

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