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Please tell me, 1.5 years ago my trial period ended, and they could not charge the payment for aws from the card, how can I restore the files that were on it, and can I do it? there was no backup connected, if I pay for the server, will the files be restored? can I do this without paying for the server,. or maybe you can just pay for the restoration?

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It sounds like this won't be possible. AWS typically doesn't take backups for you automatically, you have to put these in place yourself.

Had you put backups of the AWS resources in place yourself, and if the account had been closed fewer than 90 days ago, then the account could have been reopened and you may have been able to get something back.

But it sounds like you didn't make any backups, and your account has been closed for 18 months, so there will not be anything to restore.

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