Can Glue Spark timezone be changed?


We have upstream systems that all use Central US time zone, but our pyspark/sparkSQL jobs in Glue is UTC and current_timestamp() is giving UTC time. Can we direct glue to use a different timezone? We tried adding a configuration to SparkConf: ("spark.sql.session.timeZone", "America/Chicago")

We also tried adding --java-options -Duser.timezone="America/Chicago" from the dashboard Run with Parameters feature.

Neither had the effect of updating spark's timezone. Any help here?

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A timestamp doesn't have a timezone, by definition is based on UTC. The timezone you are configuring comes into play when you parse a date or you format that timestamp into a string.

If you do a "show()" on a timestamp column, you should see it in the timezone configured, if not maybe it's not correctly configured, notice that properly spark.sql.session.timeZone has to be set for SparkSession, not context.

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answered a year ago

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