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How do I do single search query?


I am trying to load data obtained from the database so I can use it for further processing(like charts and the use of buttons) but I came to realize that when running the code below, the program stays in query mode and does not quit, so how do I do single query or a read? I have looked around the forms but I have not found anything similar to my problem.

            { items ->
                while (items.hasNext()) {
                    val item =
                    Log.i("Amplify", "Uploaded time: " + item.completedAt)
                    Log.i("Amplify", "Data Uploaded: " +
                    temp =
                    //Log.i("Debug1", "Held Data: $temp")

            { failure -> Log.e("Amplify", "Could not query DataStore", failure) }
asked 9 months ago42 views