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/Cant Signup With Lightsail/

Cant Signup With Lightsail


Newbie here was trying to sign up with the $10 plan.



Sorry, your account can not create an instance using this Lightsail plan size. Please try a smaller plan size or contact Customer Support if you need to use a larger plan.


I contacted support, they did a ticket but said they have no idea when the restrictions will be adjusted.

Sucks being new trying to sign up and being told all new people are instance limited. Im sure there is a reason. Im just trying to throw some cash and move my VPS. And learn some aws while im at it.

Anyone have any idea how long the process takes?

1 Answers

Those kinds of errors often clear up after a little while.

If you're still seeing it, I would suggest you contact support on an account question.

answered 4 months ago

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