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This instance type is not supported for the EC2 serial console


This instance type is not supported for the EC2 serial console.
To connect to this instance using the EC2 serial console, the instance must use an instance type that is built on the AWS Nitro System, excluding bare metal instances. You can change the instance type to a supported instance type.

Session Manager:

We weren't able to connect to your instance. Common reasons for this include:
SSM Agent isn't installed on the instance. You can install the agent on both Windows instances and Linux instances.
The required IAM instance profile isn't attached to the instance. You can attach a profile using AWS Systems Manager Quick Setup.
Session Manager setup is incomplete. For more information, see Session Manager Prerequisites.
Session Manager usage:
Connect to your instance without SSH keys or a bastion host.
Sessions are secured using an AWS Key Management Service key.
You can log session commands and details in an Amazon S3 bucket or CloudWatch Logs log group.
Configure sessions on the Session Manager Preferences page.

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3 Answers

This happened to me as well. I was running a t2 instance. Apparently that is not one of the supported instances:

T2 is not in that last (T3 is - among many others).

answered a year ago
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Hi There,
For supported instance types, please refer below:

For session manager, the instance needs to be ssm managed and should have ssmmessages permission and connectivity to ssmmessages endpoint. [ ]

Hope this helps

answered a year ago

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