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Redshift cluster stuck at modifying


Hi team, hope you are all fine.

We have a Redshift Cluster that is stuck in "Modifying" status since Redshift outage that occurred yesterday. We have tried everything to bring it back or even delete it and it's impossible to do so.

Hope you guys can give me a solution to either bring back my cluster or create a new one with the same host in order to maintain the connection info.


asked 9 months ago414 views
2 Answers

FYI, I opened up a trouble ticket and they told me that I will need to delete the cluster and create a new one from backup. If you use the same cluster name, the endpoint will also be the same. It will have a different IP, but the conx string should be the same.

edit: My redshift instance finally came back online!

answered 9 months ago

Same problem here. Ours is stuck in Modifying too since the outage yesterday.

answered 9 months ago

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