Not able to download the PDF report for my application whose backend is hosted on AWS EC2 Linux Instance.



I am working on a fullstack application, where the frontend of the application is written in ReactJS and the backend is in NodeJS. The static files are stored in S3 and is hosted through CloudFront.

When I am trying to download the file which is in the PDF format I am able to download it successfully when testing it locally whereas the same is failing when hosted on AWS EC2 Instance.

Is there anything which I need to change in terms of EC2 settings for making it work. The issue is similar to this one:

Please help.

  • Hi, @Arjun Goel.

    Is the error happening on the frontend or the backend? Can you share the error log etc.?

    Please share an overview of your PDF report generation code if it's happening in the backend.

    I think it's either a security issue or a problem with the PDF generation process in the backend.

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