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AWS Inspector agent install on EC2


Error while installing AWS Agent on EC2- error is cannot execute binary file

2 Answers

Is there an error message? What is the OS running on EC2?

answered 24 days ago

It looks like you're installing the Amazon Inspector Classic agent - please be aware there is a newer version of Amazon Inspector that can be used in many situations.

First - it seems you may be downloading the executable as root (using sudo), and for some reason the downloaded file is not executable. This will result in invalid permissions on the executable, and lead to the error you're seeing.

You may need to run sudo chmod +x <<FILENAME>> in order to make the file executable.

Please refer to this support article for detailed instructions on installing the Amazon Inspector Classic agent:

If you were intending to use Amazon Inspector (the newer service), please review the Getting Started guide here:

answered 24 days ago

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