Hosting webapp on S3 for peer to peer streaming


Can I host my react app on S3 which will have a peer to peer streaming using aws chime?

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Sure, you can host your React app on Amazon S3 and use AWS Chime for peer-to-peer streaming.

Just keep in mind:

-S3 is for static hosting, so you'll need to use other services like API Gateway and Lambda for server-side logic.

-Enable static website hosting on your S3 bucket and configure a CloudFront distribution with SSL/TLS for HTTPS.

-Integrate the Chime SDK for JavaScript in your React app, and use the provided STUN/TURN servers for WebRTC peer-to-peer connections.

-Set up authentication (e.g., Cognito) to secure your app and manage user access.

With the right setup, S3 and Chime can work together for your peer-to-peer streaming needs

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