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ACM certificate DNS validation does not validate my certificate


Hello, I have an issue with ACM certificate validation (DNS based) in the eu-north-1 region (Stockholm). Yesterday I have created two regional certificates, both in the same eu-north-1 region. They both are using the same CDK script to create them. One of them is validated, while the second one is not. It's already 12 hours since I created the certificate and valid CNAME records, but the certificate still remains in the "Pending validation" state.

I tried to follow this guides:

but unfortunately all of these guidelines do not apply in my case. I confirmed the following:

  • CNAME record and its value exist
  • CNAME record value is exactly the one pointed in ACM (no additional chars, no whitespaces etc.)
  • no TXT record of the same name as the CNAME

At the same time, I don't see any issues with ACM/Route53 in the eu-north-1 region in my Health Dashboard. What else can I do to make my certificate validated?

I'm not able to create a support case, as my organization has a basic plan only, that's why I'm looking for help here.

  • Hello, where are you hosting your domain? I had an issue like this previously for a domain that was not in AWS, I had to first created a hosted zone, then point my domain in godaddy to the name servers for that hosted zone. after that, all DNS record validations were successful

1 Answers

Hello Michal,

If you added the CNAME record correctly and still not verified then I would suggest to check if the record is able to resolve or not. To check run a dig and see the response. If there is no response then it might be the case where you have added to the wrong hosted zone (meaning you might have multiple hosted zones).

Check your hosted zone NS server records where you have added the CNAME record are matching to the below set or not.

%dig NS

Regards, CK

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answered 22 days ago

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