Still get charged for a Dedicated Hosts with the status of "Released (permanent failure)"


I requested a dedicated host for a mac1 instance. I tried to release it a few days ago, and it says it's released. However, it still shows up in the "dedicated Host" tab in the EC2 console, and I am still getting charged for it according to the billing dashboard.

Now, when I tried to release it, it failed and showed "Released (permanent failure)" on the status of the Dedicated Hosts. I know that AWS may continue to display the host for a short period after the release process is complete. Does "Released (permanent failure)" indicate that I have fully released the instance? Or, if there are any ways to fully get rid of the dedicated host, please let me know. Thanks!

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The document here stated the following.
In other words, I think it is released.

After the host recovery is complete, the replacement Dedicated Host enters the available state, and the recovered instances return to the running state. You can launch instances on to the replacement Dedicated Host after it enters the available state. The original impaired Dedicated Host is permanently released and it enters the released-permanent-failure state.

For billing, etc., you will need to contact AWS support by opening a case with "Account and billing".

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