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I am looking for a step by step process to decommision an AWS environment, such as what gets deleted first is. virtual gateways and what does not get deleted until the final removal of the environment

  • By environment, do you mean AWS Account?

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if you're asking about the dependencies that exist within an AWS account, and the order in which these should be deleted, then this is typically in the reverse order from that in which they were provisioned.

To gather a greater level of detail about dependencies within a VPC see item 1 of https://repost.aws/knowledge-center/troubleshoot-dependency-error-delete-vpc

if you just want to delete all resources in an account, consider using (with caution!) AWS Nuke https://docs.aws.amazon.com/prescriptive-guidance/latest/patterns/automate-deletion-of-aws-resources-by-using-aws-nuke.html

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