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RDS Postgres Logical replication access to essential table denied

postgres=> \du postgres
                        List of roles
 Role name |          Attributes           |    Member of    
 postgres  | Create role, Create DB       +| {rds_superuser}
           | Password valid until infinity | 

postgres=> select * from pg_replication_origin_status;
ERROR:  permission denied for relation pg_replication_origin_status

This table is essential to tracking progress of logical replication. Without it, there is not clear way to track if the LSN of the local and remote ends of the replication slot are in sync. The user in the example is a member of rds_superuser.

Is there a particular reason that this system table is not accessible or was this just a mistake in the implementation.

asked 4 years ago68 views
1 Answer
Accepted Answer

Can you use the function call instead of the view?

postgres=> select * from pg_show_replication_origin_status();
 local_id | external_id | remote_lsn | local_lsn 
(0 rows)


answered 4 years ago

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