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esp32 http example error


hi, i was refering to advanced ota example from esp32. there im getting error when project us run as shown below: I (5624) advanced_https_ota_example: Starting Advanced OTA example E (5904) esp-tls-mbedtls: mbedtls_ssl_handshake returned -0x2700 I (5904) esp-tls-mbedtls: Failed to verify peer certificate! I (5914) esp-tls-mbedtls: verification info: ! The certificate is not correctly signed by the trusted CA

E (5924) esp-tls: Failed to open new connection E (5924) TRANS_SSL: Failed to open a new connection E (5934) HTTP_CLIENT: Connection failed, sock < 0 E (5934) esp_https_ota: Failed to open HTTP connection: ESP_ERR_HTTP_CONNECT E (5944) esp_https_ota: Failed to establish HTTP connection E (5954) advanced_https_ota_example: ESP HTTPS OTA Begin failed W (6544) wifi:<ba-del>idx W (9604) wifi:<ba-add>idx:0 (ifx:0, e8:48:b8:61:bb:81), tid:0, ssn:21, winSize:64 W (10564) wifi:<ba-del>idx W (13594) wifi:<ba-add>idx:0 (ifx:0, e8:48:b8:61:bb:81), tid:0, ssn:22, winSize:64 W (14594) wifi:<ba-del>idx

please suggest how to resolve. what to steps to generate certificate and where to include in project.

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