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/How to increase expiration of NextToken in DynamoDB ExecuteStatement?/

How to increase expiration of NextToken in DynamoDB ExecuteStatement?


We have an API that reads the data from DynamoDB by using PartiQL query in ExecuteStatementWithContext function. This API is paginated and i rely on NextToken for reading all DynamoDB pages.

The problem is that there is an expiry for NextToken and i am getting this error ValidationException: Given NextToken has already expired. Can we increase this expiry in any way?

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PartiQL's NextToken has a validity of 1 hour, which the token then expires. There is no way to increase this using the PartiQL API. However, re-writing your code to suit DynamoDB Vanilla API will allow you to retrieve a LastEvaluatedKey which does not expire and may be better suited for your use-case.

answered 18 days ago
  • Thanks for the answer @Leeroy Hannigan.

    We cannot use Vanilla API because we need to query multiple partition keys in the single query. This is possible currently using PartiQL only.

    It would be of great benefit if LastEvaluatedKey support is present for PartiQL. I can see there is already a question asked couple of months back( Is there any ETA on this?

  • Using PartiQL as a workaround for a Batch Query is only saving you time on network latency, each Query on the back-end is executed sequentially. So if you use the vanilla API and multi-thread individual Query operations, you will see very little difference in latency and have the advantage of using LastEvaluatedKey.

    On the ETA of LEK being available for PartiQL, we never provide ETA's for any of our feature releases, but you can keep up to date with the newly released features here:

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