Lightsail instance stops loading Wordpress site, requiring instance reboot


Wordpress website (bitnami package) running on Lightsail instance stops displaying after 2-3 days, requiring a restart. Bitnami offers a built-in diagnostic tool which states that ports 22, 80 and 443 are not accessible remotely at the time this issue persists. Lightsail instance networking/firewall settings show that the ports in question are enabled. Rebooting the Lightsail instance resolves the issue, but the problem repeats itself after 2-3 days. We have to keep restarting the server every couple days to keep the website live. Would like to find a reasonable solution.

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Facing the same issue. What I've found is that it's not the lightsail instance that stops responding, but its the Apache. Because, when I just restarts the apache, my issue resolves. But it's so pathetic to running after the complaints of site down after almost every couple days. Tried a lot, but no solution I could find yet. AWS team please help!!!

answered 6 months ago

the same problem

answered 2 months ago

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