Very Urgent-AWS Certification Account LastName update


Hi, I raised multiple cases in AWS support( to update the Last Name in my Certification Account profile to comply with my Id proof. I don't have the last name in any ID proof and want to leave it blank. I didn't hear back from anyone. Please help me update my Last Name as I am planning to take the exam on 28th September 2022

Email Id: *****

AWS Candidate ID: *****

Current Last Name: *****

The last name to be changed to No last Name-Please update it as Empty

Thanks in Advance!

  • I've updated your post removing your sensitive information

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Unfortunately we cannot provide support for certifications through re:Post. The recommendation is to speak with support through .

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answered 2 months ago
  • Thank you for the response. I have tried that multiple times since yesterday but unfortunately, there is no response. Could you please tell me if is there any other way to connect with the certification support team?

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