ECR Lifecycle policy for deleting "xyz" tagged images but not images with "xyz" tag as subset [xyz, abc,123]


I want to create an ECR rule in AWS that satisfies following conditions.

It should keep last 10 images with "dev" tag.

For example if an image is having a single tag like "dev-123" then that should be deleted whereas image having "dev-123" as subset [having multiple tags like "dev-123, stg-456, abc-789"] should not be deleted.

I have tried different rules but nothing work, can anyone please help me with this.

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Hi, gives you proper example:

            "rulePriority": 1,
            "description": "Rule 1",
            "selection": {
            "tagStatus": "tagged",
             "tagPrefixList": ["prod"],
             "countType": "imageCountMoreThan",
              "countNumber": 1

By changing countNumber to 10 and adapting tagPrefixList to your prefix, you should be able to achieve the cleanup that you want

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answered a year ago
  • Hi Didier, thanks for the answer but unfortunately this rule is also deleting the images that are having "dev" as the one of the tags in subset.

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