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Hi Gyus,

Can I transfer my private keys to AWS CloudHSM?

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Hello ,

Thank you for posting your question on the AWS Repost, my name is Rochak and it will be a pleasure assisting you with this today.

I understand you would like to transfer your private keys to AWS CloudHSM. Yes, you can import your private keys to CloudHSM.

The importPrivateKey command in key_mgmt_util imports an asymmetric private key from a file to an HSM. Please note that the HSM does not allow direct import of keys in cleartext. Also, you cannot import a password-protected PEM key using a symmetric or private key. You can see the steps and an example here[1]

This document provides you with the steps on how you can transfer your keys to CloudHSM with OpenSSL and the key_mgmt_util command line tool. [2]

I hope this helps. If you need further info, let me know in the comments; otherwise I'd appreciate if you mark my answer as "accepted".

Kind regards, Rochak from AWS


[1] Import Private Key

[2] How can I securely transfer my keys to CloudHSM with OpenSSL and the key_mgmt_util command line tool?

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