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/Our request for production access is getting denied./

Our request for production access is getting denied.


We read all of documentation from AWS about how to get out of a sandbox, answered for all of their questions, but still getting denied. 9467053381 This is the id of this case, hope someone will help us to resolve this problem. Or we want to be informed why we're getting denied, because we answered on all of their questions.

  • Without any reasons we get denied too, so we also want to get some reasons, or just review our case one time: 9471812541

  • I also want to be helped with this question, because the same situation with us. We provided all of needed information, but get denied. the id 9476851261

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Sorry to hear about that your request has been denied.

But that is all depending upon the request you sent. The domain you have used inside the request. and the use case you have mentioned in the request.

Depending upon the request they review and they see that if everything seems fine to them with different internal check list (which they do not provide us), then only they approve the domain.

Another reason can be if any of the linking information you have used earlier? like...

  1. If your previous account is closed / suspended (history)..
  2. Your Email / Domain has any spam check list.
  3. Your Credit Card information / company name .. or any other information you might have used earlier in another AWS account..

Then also that can be a case where they do not approve the account.

answered 5 months ago
  • Thanks for your answer, but even with your answer we can't understand the real reason. For example, we checked on the many "check" sites for the spamlist, and we have 0 cases. So that case is excluded. Also card history is clean, im the only one user of this card. And about closed accounts that excluded same. Hope someone from the amazon staff can answer on our question, or rereview our case

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