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I am looking for a way to determine if a user should be on the all month plan or the hourly plan for their workspace. I think the break even point is 80 hours per month and then would make sense to convert them to the full month plan. The problem is that the reports I've gotten with the great script below don't display this information.

I need to know the hours per month a user's workspace is not in Stopped status. It could even be by the machine name or the workspace ID instead of the username. Any ideas?

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Cost Optimizer for Workspaces can simplify this even further. This solution analyzes all of your Amazon WorkSpaces usage data and automatically converts the WorkSpace to the most cost-effective billing option (hourly or monthly), depending on your individual usage. It also has a dry run mode, where you can see the recommended changes before automatically converting them. In addition, you can review the daily and monthly reports, and manually implement any desired changes.

answered a month ago
  • That would do it but looks like it would take an aws engineer to implement it. I would be satisfied with static reports.

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