ec2 instance not showing my all available volumes


I am trying to attach a new volume to an ec2 instance but not able to view all my volumes, i even put all the volumes in same availability zone still not able to find all. Because of this i am not able to perform detach and attach a new volume to the instance.Enter image description here
Enter image description here

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Your post needs some more information, where are the volumes you cannot see? new volume and new volume 2 appear to be visible in your screenshot, can you select them with the checkbox on the left and go to actions > attach volume?

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answered a year ago

Its not the instance which shows volume , its EBD dashboard where you create and volumes are visible. The 2 available volumes shown in screenshots can be attached like below:-

Select one volume at a time -- actions tab -- click attach -- select the instance -- you can either have device ID used as default or customize it as per requirement and click attach at the bottom.

Also i have seen this issue recently where you create EBS volume in account and it takes ~1 min to show up in the EBS dashboard , just refresh it and it will be visible.

answered a year ago

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