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/SES Paused and unable to use SES/

SES Paused and unable to use SES


Hi, We used to use SES for transactional and marketing emails. One time there was a misconfiguration of our email list due to which mails were sent to the wrong email ids. This was a mistake that happened from our side. Because of this our account was paused as the bounce rate went high. After this we removed all our older email lists, and basically started work on generating a new email list from scratch. We have still not been able to access SES and denied entry. Please let me know what else we can do to be able to use SES AGAIN. Thanks, Kartik

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Hi! Good question, I would reach out to AWS Support regarding usage of SES. AWS can suspend/pause accounts if the quality of emails is deemed to be low (high bounce/complaint rates).

If you can contact support and go through why this happened, they may help with restoring your account access.

answered 3 months ago

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