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How do I share Amazon S3 files with users who don't have AWS Management Console access?


I want to share an HTML file in Amazon S3 with users in our organization who don't have AWS Management Console access. What's the best way to do that and have the file display on users web browsers? I've tried using a presigned URL to share the HTML file, but the URL generated by AWS Lambda downloads the file rather than displays it in the user's browser.

asked 3 years ago52 views
2 Answers
Accepted Answer

To have an Amazon S3 object appear in a user's web browser without the user needing to have AWS Management Console access, configure a static website on Amazon S3.

For a tutorial, see Tutorial: Configuring a static website on Amazon S3 in the Amazon S3 user guide.

answered 3 years ago

For easy S3 file/folder sharing and collaboration with external users using advanced SSO, please check NirvaShare - Here the external users need not have access to aws console. NirvaShare can be easily integrated with external identity providers such as AWS SSO, Active Directory, Salesforce, etc from another organizations.

answered 6 months ago

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