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I increased my service quota of Sagemaker - ml.p3.16xlarge to run few huggingface jobs. Now, I am done with my runs and I want to reduce it. What is the process to do it?

Note: I donot want to loose my codes but want to stop getting bills for ml.p3.16xlarge

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To reduce your service quota for Amazon SageMaker ml.p3.16xlarge instances, you can follow these steps:

Access the AWS Management Console: Log in to your AWS account. This AWS Documntation might help too

Navigate to the Service Quotas page: You can find this under the "Services" menu. Type "Service Quotas" in the search bar or locate it under the "Management & Governance" section.

Select the correct region: Make sure you are in the AWS region where you want to modify the quota.

Find the SageMaker instance type quota: Search for the specific service quota related to Amazon SageMaker instance types. In your case, you're looking for ml.p3.16xlarge.

Request quota decrease: Click on the quota related to ml.p3.16xlarge instance types, then select "Request quota increase". You'll see an option to reduce your current quota.

Provide necessary details: Fill out the form or provide details as required for the quota reduction request. Explain that you no longer need the increased quota for running your Hugging Face jobs.

Submit the request: Once you've filled out the necessary details, submit the request.

Wait for confirmation: AWS typically processes quota change requests within a few days. You should receive an email confirmation once the request is processed.

By reducing the service quota for ml.p3.16xlarge instances, you'll prevent any further charges related to running those instances while still retaining access to your code and other resources in SageMaker

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answered 21 days ago

Request quota decrease: After clicking on the quota related to ml.p3.16xlarge instance types(In my case, ml.p3.16xlarge for training job usage), then selecting "Request quota increase". There is no option to reduce quota. There is only one question that dialogue box asks - 'Enter in the total amount that you want the quota to be' and we can only put values more than 1 here.

Additional info - my region is 'Europe (London) eu-west-2'

answered 21 days ago

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