No option to retry failed App Runner service deployments


This is a real pain. After configuring all the ENV variables and the service options, the deployment will fail if, for example, there is a bad source image or the source image repo is empty. Afterwards, there is no option to retry it - the "resume" is greyed out, and there is no button that will redo the deployment. Why? Why do I have to delete this now and enter everything again? This is very tedious.

  • Yes, that's a pain. While waiting for a fix, a workaround is to export service definition json with describe-service command, edit it, and run create-service with that json as input.

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Hello there,

Thanks for bring this up to our attention. This use case totally makes sense and I would like to let you know that we already had a open feature request for this. Please track the progress via the Github issue. Meanwhile, I would recommend you to deploy a sample app or sample image in your initial deployment, then deploy you own app, this way we can make sure that even your app's deployment failed, you can roll back to the previous working state (which is sample app), then make necessary changes to your app and re-deploy.

answered 8 months ago
  • In our case we just need to make sure that there's something in ECR before deploying (for now). Thanks for looking into it!

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