Unable to create new OpsItems from EventBridge when using Input Transformer for deduplication and adding category and severity values


I’m able to generate a new OpsItem for any EC2, SecurityGroup, or VPC configuration change using an EventBridge rule with the following event pattern.

{ "source": ["aws.config"], "detail-type": ["Config Configuration Item Change"], "detail": { "messageType": ["ConfigurationItemChangeNotification"], "configurationItem": { "resourceType": ["AWS::EC2::Instance", "AWS::EC2::SecurityGroup", "AWS::EC2::VPC"] } } }

The rule and target work great when using Matched event for the Input but I noticed that launching one EC2 using the AWS wizard creates at least three OpsItems, one for each resourceType. Therefore I’d like to implement a deduplication string to cut down on the number of OpsItems generated to one if possible and I’d also like to attach a category and severity to the new OpsItem. I’m trying to use an Input Transformer as recommended by the AWS documentation but even the most simplest of Input Transformers when applied prevent any new OpsItems from being generated. When I've tested, I've also ensured that all previous OpsItems were resolved. Can anyone tell me what might be blocking the creation of any new OpsItems when using this Input Transformer configuration?

Here’s what I have configured now.

Input path { "awsAccountId": "$.detail.configurationItem.awsAccountId", "awsRegion": "$.detail.configurationItem.awsRegion", "configurationItemCaptureTime": "$.detail.configurationItem.configurationItemCaptureTime", "detail-type": "$.detail-type", "messageType": "$.detail.messageType", "notificationCreationTime": "$.detail.notificationCreationTime", "region": "$.region", "resourceId": "$.detail.configurationItem.resourceId", "resourceType": "$.detail.configurationItem.resourceType", "resources": "$.resources", "source": "$.source", "time": "$.time" }

Input template { "awsAccountId": "<awsAccountId>", "awsRegion": "<awsRegion>", "configurationItemCaptureTime": "<configurationItemCaptureTime>", "resourceId": "<resourceId>", "resourceType": "<resourceType>",

"title": "Template under ConfigDrift-EC2-Dedup4", "description": "Configuration Drift Detected.", "category": "Security", "severity": "3", "origination": "EventBridge Rule - ConfigDrift-EC2-Dedup", "detail-type": "<detail-type>", "source": "<source>", "time": "<time>", "region": "<region>", "resources": "<resources>", "messageType": "<messageType>", "notificationCreationTime": "<notificationCreationTime>", "operationalData": { "/aws/dedup": { "type": "SearchableString", "value": "{"dedupString":"ConfigurationItemChangeNotification"}" } } }

Output when using the AWS supplied Sample event called “Config Configuration Item Change” { "awsAccountId": "123456789012", "awsRegion": "us-east-1", "configurationItemCaptureTime": "2022-03-16T01:10:50.837Z", "resourceId": "fs-01f0d526165b57f95", "resourceType": "AWS::EFS::FileSystem",

"title": "Template under ConfigDrift-EC2-Dedup4", "description": "Configuration Drift Detected.", "category": "Security", "severity": "3", "origination": "EventBridge Rule - ConfigDrift-EC2-Dedup", "detail-type": "Config Configuration Item Change", "source": "aws.config", "time": "2022-03-16T01:10:51Z", "region": "us-east-1", "resources": "arn:aws:elasticfilesystem:us-east-1:123456789012:file-system/fs-01f0d526165b57f95", "messageType": "ConfigurationItemChangeNotification", "notificationCreationTime": "2022-03-16T01:10:51.976Z", "operationalData": { "/aws/dedup": { "type": "SearchableString", "value": "{"dedupString":"ConfigurationItemChangeNotification"}" } } }

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