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Unable to enter create read replica page for a MySQL RDS instance inside classic EC2


I have an old MySQL RDS instance, and it is currently in classic EC2. Since this week, I've been keep seeing following error when trying to enter the Create Read Replica page on RDS Management Console:

Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'VpcId')

Does anyone know what this error is about and how to get rid of it ?

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For people who encountered this error, I believe this is an error in Management Console. Before they fix this, you can create a read replica for a RDS instance in EC2 Classic properly with AWS command line.

Example Command:

aws rds create-db-instance-read-replica --profile xxxx --db-instance-identifier xxx  --source-db-instance-identifier xxx  --db-instance-class db.m3.medium --storage-type standard --no-multi-az --publicly-accessible --no-auto-minor-version-upgrade

Command Reference:

answered 8 months ago

The VpcId is the identity of the VPC to create the replica within. It is possible that the engine version you are using is not supported in EC2 Classic. See the documentation for determining this. You may have to move your RDS to a VPC.

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answered 8 months ago
  • Hi, thanks for the help. This RDS instance (m3.large, MySQL 5.6.34) is already inside EC2 Classic so I believe it is supported . Since EC2 classic is still in support, this feels like a RDS issue to me. Do you have any suggestion what I can do next ?

  • Have you tried using the CLI/API?

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