SNS: Phone carrier has blocked this message when message includes URL


Hi, I was using SNS to send transactional SMS. When ever the message contains a URL, I get error message that the "Phone carrier has blocked this message" from the Delivery status logs. The carrier is T-Mobile. The message is: "Thanks for attending our GW004 event at GW004! see for dets-". It gets delivered if I remove the link from message body.

`@message {"notification":{"messageId":"91a4663a-61bb-575a-9f06-3a79c825faed","timestamp":"2023-01-19 20:26:06.957"},"delivery":{"phoneCarrier":"T-mobile USA Inc.","mnc":800,"numberOfMessageParts":1,"destination":"+12244328742","priceInUSD":0.00831,"smsType":"Transactional","mcc":310,"providerResponse":"Phone carrier has blocked this message","dwellTimeMs":22,"dwellTimeMsUntilDeviceAck":1160},"status":"FAILURE"} @timestamp 1674159970707

delivery.phoneCarrier T-mobile USA Inc. delivery.priceInUSD 0.00831 delivery.providerResponse Phone carrier has blocked this message delivery.smsType Transactional ` Could you please let me know what I could do?


1 Answer

Mobile carriers restrict the domains that can be included in SMS messages in order to protect their customers. URLs associated with free link-shortening services are likely to get filtered. The carriers are more likely to accept messages with shortened URLs if those URLs are created using paid services that let you use your own branded domain.

answered a year ago

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