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Upgrade ec2 Instance ( c5.9xlarge to c5.24xlarge)


We are using c4.8xlarge and this server is not compatible with my current software kindly upgrade my ec2 (c5.24xlarge) because my CPU goes up to 98% when I'm using any ec2 just like c4.8xlarge c5.9xlarge as so. that's the reason why I need to upgrade my CPU. If you have any suggestions please suggest me regarding this.

Thank you in advance, hope to get a swift response.

1 Answer

Hi There

Please take a look at this tutorial video for changing your EC2 instance type

There are different instructions for changing the instance type. The instructions to use depend on the instance's root volume, and whether the instance type is compatible with the instance's current configuration. Please see the instance re-size instructions here

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answered 21 days ago

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