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We were testing Tape Gateway and it came to a moment that upload buffer disk filled and it took like 7 hours to get empty. In this 7 hours, no data was uploaded to AWS. The upload resumed when the disk got empty. It went from 100% usage to 0%, and then started uploading again.


I would understand if the upload buffer disk stops receiving files to get uploaded the files it already has, but why would it stop uploading?
Is there any explanation for it?

Thanks you in advance!

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The Tape Gateway stops uploading to AWS during the "Pass Through" state.
Here are the Tape Gateway state transitions that occur when your Upload Buffer is set too low and the Upload Buffer runs out of capacity.

state: "Available" - normal tape gateway operations
state: "Pass Through" - when the upload buffer runs out of capacity (normally because the Upload Buffer is set too low). During this phase NO data is uploaded to AWS and the data currently in the Upload Buffer is processed going from 100% to 0%. During the Pass Through status, the data maintained locally becomes out of sync with AWS stored data.
state: "Bootstrapping" - the volume re-establishes synchronization with in AWS, so that it can resume the record (log) of changes to the volume, and re-enable CreateSnapshot functionality. During Bootstrapping, writes to the volume are recorded in upload buffer.
state: "Available" - normal tape gateway operations

More Info here:
Link: https://docs.aws.amazon.com/storagegateway/latest/userguide/ManagingLocalStorage-common.html

Hope this helps.

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