Action Required: Irregular activity in your AWS account



We are busy assisting a client with a business critical task. We started a 92 vCPU instances last night, and it appears that our account was suspended shortly after this. Now none of our other AWS services are running.

Please can you assist ASAP to get this suspension lifted, and also share why the account was suspended? To me it looks like a mistake from one of your automatic security checks. If am not wrong, and this is a mistake, can you kindly advise how we prevent this from happening again?

Case ID: 9189474941


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1 Answer

Zero response more than 10 hours after the account was suspended and an "Urgent business impacting question" level case opened. I can understand that normal cases take time to get to the front of the queue, but if one of your bots/security rules suspends an entire account, surely there must be a more efficient way to reactivate it, especially if it is business critical?

answered 3 years ago

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