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/Multiple chat widgets using out-of-the-box client?/

Multiple chat widgets using out-of-the-box client?



Is it possible to create multiple, different chat widgets using the out-of-the-box client? (ie, the chat widget you can customize at We'd like to have different chat widgets for different domains connecting to different pools of agents on different schedules.

Or do you have to create and host your own client in that case?


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You can add up to 5 URLs for different domains that you'd like to host the chat widget on.

Then using the chat widget script you can

  • Change some of the look and feel
  • Add attributes

This is at a per chat script instance-level on your website(s).

Therefore, you send all chats to the one contact flow but then check the contact attributes and filter to other contact flows as needed, resulting in different experiences per deployed script.

answered 16 days ago
  • Thanks, this is helpful and looks like it works for our needs currently. Is the 5 URL limit a hard limit? If we need to support more domains then we have to start hosting our own client? Thanks again.

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