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I'm looking for details about pricing of AWS SSM Patch Manager module.
On AWS Doc we have
"Patch Manager
No additional charges for patching supported operating systems or patching Linux applications on Amazon EC2 instances or on-premises instances. Limits may apply.
No additional charges for patching Microsoft applications on Amazon EC2 instances.
The advanced on-premises instance tier is required for using Patch Manager to patch Microsoft applications hosted on on-premises instances. To learn more about on-premises instance tier pricing, see On-Premises Instance Management."

Limits may apply link is about AWS Service quotas.
Somebody can explain how I can calculate AWS Service quotas according to AWS SSM Patch Manager? For example if I need patch manager for 200 EC2 and 10 on-premises servers.


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Hi Michael88,
You will not incur any additional charges for using Patch Manager to patch the 200 EC2 instances. For the 10 on-premises instances, if you use Patch Manager to patch the operating system (and not Microsoft applications), you will not incur any additional charge.

Service quotas define the default limits for Patch Manager attributes such as the number of patch baselines per account. It does not restrict you from patching your EC2 and on-premises instances.


answered 2 years ago

Could you tell me more about service quotas? Maybe if you can explain on some example.

answered 2 years ago

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