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Hi guys!

I have 2 questions about Amazon Route 53 pricing

Firstly, I see the price for standard queries is

$0.40 per million queries – first 1 Billion queries / month

$0.20 per million queries – over 1 Billion queries / month

What happens if my Route 53 is attacked by a large number of queries from Internet. Will I be charged for this invalid queries.

Secondly, what happens if my Route 53 receive a query for a hostname that is not exist in record of Hosted Zone? Will I be charged for this query.

If you know the answer, please help me.

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For your second question, you can find the answer in the following page -

It says *"We charge the standard rate for the following DNS queries:

Queries for which the domain name or subdomain name matches a record name but not the record type. For example, suppose you create a record for and specify a type of A. If we receive queries for with a type of AAAA, we'll charge for those queries. Some browsers automatically send both "A" and "AAAA" queries for a specified domain or subdomain name, so we recommend that you create both "A" and "AAAA" records where applicable. Queries for a record that doesn't exist ("*

For your first question, do read up about Shield and Shield Advanced on the following page -

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answered 2 years ago
  • Thanks for your answer but I want to know how we could prevent Route 53 from being queried for a record that doesn't exist. My customers don't want to pay for this fee.

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